Mental Abuse

He didn’t hit me, but he destroyed all I was as a person. I didn’t even realize it was abuse, because it wasn’t physical. It was the mental abuse, that wore me away like an eraser removing a pencil mark on a piece of paper, it never really goes away, it fades it away, but you still know traces of it are left behind. I live with those traces every single day.


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Christmas Sucks!

Christmas is a difficult day for many of us, it’s a day where we remember our lost loved ones, it brings back memories of times we wish we could have all over again.

Its a day when we remember those that broke our hearts and left us without so much as a backward glance.

The countless ruined Christmas day’s when they lost it with you and smashed the place to pieces, as they knew it would hurt you and gave them self satisfaction.

The countless punches raining down after guests had left, as they had been so kind with their compliments on the day, which took attention away from him and onto you, when inside you’re screaming please stop, you don’t know what this means for me!

Its also a day that for those with mental health illnesses is harder than ususal, no one can turn on or off their illness, what a wonderful world it would be if they could!

Stay strong 4am’ers you’ve got this !!!!